This is me...I much prefer being behind the camera instead of in front of it.  But my husband insists once in awhile I take a turn.  These "about" pages can be interesting.  It's for me to sell my craft and let people know what I can do.  Crazy awkward to brag on yourself, no?


So I'll keep it simple.  I LOVE photography.  I've trained in many different types of art and media.  By far the art of photography is my favorite.  I love having a vision for how I want something to look and working to achieve it.  I love making people feel good and helping them preserve memories of life events and their friends and families.  Pictures tell our story and document our lives. I'm honored EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I get a phone call to take pictures of someones senior, family, wedding or newborn.  All I can think is WOW they liked my work enough to call me?!  I love my clients and getting to know them and share in a small part of their lives.